Young People

In 2001 Sculpt (previously IARS) was set up by young volunteers from across Europe as the first EU-wide, youth-led network to give everyone a chance to forge a safer, fairer and more inclusive society. The charity’s mission is still to empower young people and marginalised groups to participate in public life as equal citizens. You can learn more about the organisation’s history here.

Three young people sit round table

Sculpt offers a range of volunteering opportunities for young people, including internships, work experience and joining our Advisory Board.

It was amazing to work for a company who strives to make a positive impact in society and truly values young voices. I am extremely thankful for the welcoming and friendly team that enhanced my experience and am grateful they were a part of my academic and professional growth.

Dani Carara

Sculpt’s Youth Advisory Board plays a central role in steering the direction of the organisation.

Members of our Youth Advisory Board are experts on the needs of young people in their communities and bring their lived experience to the issues we work on. Their role is to constantly review, monitor and quality control our work in order to ensure that it is youth–led and relevant to the needs of young people. Find out more about our Youth Advisory Board here.