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Our Work

We’re Sculpt. We exist to empower young people to shape their own futures. 

  • Work with us to amplify young people’s voices and inspire ambition for a fair, sustainable future. 
  • Sign up to our training and get the skills you need to build a brighter, fairer future for yourself and your community.
  • Engage us as a research partner or test your ideas through our diverse international network of young people.
People doing evaluation at table

Our evaluation services are for a wide range of organisations: from schools, to local community groups, to charities and public sector organisations. Some of our clients include: Little Ilford School, Tutors United, Restore: Respect, Khulisa, Anne Frank Trust, Detention Action, the London Serious Youth Violence Board.

Our work is guided by research and by young people themselves. As an organisation we base our work on rigorously researched evidence and are led in our approach by our independent advisory boards made up of young people. Their voices and insight are critical to solving the right problems in meaningful ways.

Young woman working on evaluation at work

We tackle disempowerment from three angles:

  • working directly with young people to build their confidence, skills and voice
  • working with professionals who support young people
  • working with employers to break down barriers to opportunity.