Young Carers Matter Report


The Young Carers Matter Project emerged from a European Project, coordinated by IARS, called Care 2 Work. The project sought to engage young carers from BAME groups, across Europe, and attempt to overcome barriers to employment within their communities. The findings of this project then led to Young Carers Matter which implemented Care 2 Work at a National level.



In the UK, there were 177,918 young unpaid carers aged 5-17 years old, with Wales to lead with the highest proportion of young carers providing unpaid care at 2.6%. Of these, 57% were girls and 46% were boys. Young people from Black, Asian or other minority ethnic communities were twice as likely to be a young carer.
Young carers have a higher likelihood not to be in education, training or employment (NEET) between the critical ages of 16-19.
The UK has a relatively strong third sector that involves numerous NGOs that specialise in research, police and practice and have worked tirelessly to put carers on political agenda. Despite these legal and policy developments at both local and national level, most young people that do fall under the definition of young carers remain hidden with limited access to statutory support (both financial and practical) as well as with limited access to information in relation to their entitlements and rights.