VIOLENT YOUTH RADICALISATION: Youth-led evidence from the UK, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Portugal, Sweden and Italy


YEIP and this e-book prove that there are innovative solutions to violent youth radicalisation.
These can be found within the normative and practical dimensions of the Good Lives Model and through a
positive approach that does not treat young people “as risks” who need to be manged. By researching, validating
and testing this belief, this e-book and the wider framework within it, aim to ultimately develop an
innovative, youth-led policy measure that will help address and prevent the factors that can lead to young
people’s social exclusion and radicalisation.



It is not surprising that over the last few years, the terms violent radicalisation, hate crimes, xenophobia, extremism and terrorism have become central features of our political, policy and public debates, social media, academic writings and research, TV, radio, paper and online news. Indeed, much has been written and said about these terms; the beliefs and perceptions that feed them, as well as the criticism, sensitivity and
controversies that surround them. It is not my intention to repeat them here.
In fact, the purpose of this ebook is to help move the debate forward by helping all those interested in the topic of violent youth radicalisation to see it from a new prism. It is with this hope that I applied to Erasmus+ to fund the Youth Empowerment and Innovation Project (YEIP) that has informed this publication.