TIME TO MOVE: A comparative study into gender, migration and counselling in Europe


The present document is a comparative report of the six (6) national studies which were written in the native languages
of partners. It presents the main findings from the desk and the field research conducted in Germany, Greece, Italy,
Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom and some key recommendations.



The project titled “Move On – Migration & Gender: Vocational and Educational
Counselling” aims to contribute to the strengthening of the skills of professionals who provide educational and career
guidance as well as counselling to EU migrants, with a focus on gender and cultural sensitivity. Move On project
is a highly innovative project aiming to share, develop and transfer effective practices, training and knowledge of
professionals working with migrants and refugees.
The project is supported by the Erasmus+ Programme, under KA2 “Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of
Good Practices: Strategic Partnerships for adult education”. It is coordinated by the IARS International Institute (United
Kingdom) in partnership with Anziani E Non Solo (Italy), beramí berufliche Integration e.V. (Germany), KMOP – Family
and Childcare Centre (Greece), Associazione Progetto Arcobaleno Onlus (Italy), Association for Legal Intervention – SIP
(Poland) and SURT (Spain).
As part of the project’s Intellectual Output 1, titled “State of the art gender and diversity sensitive educational and
counselling methods”, all partner organisations conducted research with the aim to depict the situation regarding
immigrant integration in the labour markets of the project involved countries, with emphasis on gender issues, as
well as the corresponding vocational counselling and training services addressed to immigrants. In addition, the
research aimed at the presentation of relevant good or promising practices pertaining to the provision of counselling
and training services to immigrants, with emphasis on gender and cultural diversity issues, which constitute the
state of the art. The findings of the research will contribute to the creation of an educational course for continuing
professional development, certified by IARS International Institute, which will be addressed to professionals offering
career counselling and professional orientation services. The educational course will take into account gender and
cultural diversity issues.