Empowering young people to tackle homophobic bullying (YEP project report)


This report aims to set the scene for the YEP by:
 Providing an understanding of the nature of homophobic bullying
 Analyzing the legislative and policy context around [homophobic] bullying.
 Creating the human rights, equalities, respect and citizenship framework.
 Identify existing models of best practice.
 Provide a firm basis for Phase II of the project.



The Youth Empowerment Project [YEP] is a youth-led policy and research project based in London, which aims
to empower young people to influence policy and tackle the issue of homophobic bullying in schools. It promotes
the value of human rights education to young people and youth-led policy making as a way of promoting local,
national and global community cohesion and youth inclusion. Through this, it is hoped that discrimination and
bullying will be reduced, resulting in safer and healthier young people. This target is in line with the Government’s
Every Child Matters agenda: ensuring that every child has what it needs to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and
achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well being.