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Development Days

Do you work with young people aged 14-18 that are looking to build their career and life skills? Are you interested in offering them a unique experience based in your own school setting?

Claire handing out certificate to young person

Tailored to individual school needs, our development days build young people’s employability and career skills.

Group of young people sat smiling working around table

Whilst all activities are tailored according to individual school work plans, examples of what we provide are:

  • Professional skills development; including digital communication, leadership and public speaking
  • Soft skill training focusing on finding their voice, personal resilience, healthy relationships, time management and making good choices
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If you’re interested in partnering with us, email

What Young People say about the program:

During my time at Sculpt, I was able to successfully work as part of a team with people I had never worked with before. I also learned how a charity organisation truly works while I also got involved in training and webinars.

Jake (15)

Definitely an experience I will take away with me for my lifetime, very efficient, productive and motivating!

Sujood (16)

Very fun and new experience especially working with people I don't know but I still felt very comfortable to share my opinions with everyone else also seeing the friendly and relaxed but hard working environment really made me feel welcomed

Tajseane (17)

My experience at Sculpt has been very informative and interesting. I came into the charity having limited information on certain topics that affect society such as the real impact of social media but with the use of the FutureProof program, I have learnt how to be mindful and take a break once in a while.

Nagad (16)