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These last couple of months have brought up the topic of racial inequality to the forefront. We want 2020 to be described by these 4 words COVID & Black Lives Matter. For the latter,  we need to continue building momentum and encourage more people to come forward and share their personal feelings and experiences without fear or judgment.

In the UK we are teaming up with UK YOUTH to promote #YoungAndBlack to showcase the lived experience of black people. We are supporting @ukyouth to gather 76 stories using  #YoungAndBlack.

We’re asking you to share your stories on growing up #YoungAndBlack on your platform or by filling in this form. Responses can be submitted anonymously if desired. 

IARS will also organise a series of events improving the experiences of young, Black people. Soon we will announce upcoming events organised under the UK Future Proof training programme. 

Part of our campaign’s mission is to give up our spaces and produce a series of events, led by Black organisations and voices. Join us for the first of these events, where our panelists will discuss and amplify stories around black male identity in the UK, celebrating and showcasing young and black males who are doing amazing work to make a longer-lasting change in the UK. Links to the full series are below:
•Black male identity within the UK – 9th September (5-6:30 pm) 

•Black female identity within the UK – 16th September (5-6:30 pm) 

•Black LGBTQ+ identity within the UK – 30th September (5-6:30 pm) 

•Being Black in rural spaces – 7th October (5-6:30 pm) 

•Misplacement of black people in education – 14th October (5-6:30 pm)

•Being Black in the Workplace – 28th October (5-6:30 pm) 

Stay tuned!