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At a time of war and division in Europe, our organisation is happy to be involved in a project where our main goal is to raise citizen’s awareness of active citizenship for solidarity. Last month, two representatives from Sculpt went to Miggiano, Italy to share some of the UK’s best practices and to discuss how to become better citizens with our European partners.

The YES! project was designed to create spaces for discussion on the meaning of Solidarity in times of crisis in Europe, on the effectiveness of existing European policies and programmes supporting solidarity projects and on the Future of Solidarity in Europe, with the identification of innovative tools that could guarantee a strengthening of the European integration process. We are looking for young people who would like to become European Solidarity Animators for the project and attend the next meeting in Portugal in October (10-13th). To find out more you can visit the website, and stay updated via the YES! Facebook page or get in touch with us at

We have created a range of tools, resources and educational resources that are now free and available to use. Find them here:

The recommendation paper:

The toolkit: