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Join Sculpt as a Youth Advisory Board Member!

About us

Sculpt is a UK-based charity providing research, training and work-experience opportunities that empower young people to shape their own futures and those of their communities. All our work is guided by young people. 


About the Youth Advisory Board

As an organisation we base our work on rigorously researched evidence and are led in our approach by an independent Youth Advisory Board (YAB). The YAB is a group of passionate young people with a keen interest in youth issues who bring their insight and voice to the issues we work on. Their role is to constantly review, monitor and quality control our work in order to ensure that it remains youth–led. 

Members of the YAB support us by: 

  • Providing a voice, ideas and insight to help us strive towards our goals and ensure that our work is relevant to the needs of young people
  • Working together as a group to advise and provide insights on social issues from a variety of backgrounds 
  • Applying their life experiences in the development of socially positive causes 
  • Problem-solving and acting as a check against existing decision making in refining ideas and initiatives 
  • Helping us raise awareness of our work among other young people 

What we can offer you: 

  • Valuable volunteering experience from a position of trust 
  • Leaderships skills and subject-matter knowledge 
  • Opportunity to learn and to influence how an organisation is run
  • Learn about a variety of different societally impactful projects
  • Learn from an experienced board of trustees and have exposure to an international team of professionals and partner organisations 
  • Opportunity to represent Sculpt at conferences and events 
  • Chance to develop a variety of skills from decision making, public speaking to conflict management and more

Our Youth Advisory Board meets every two months. We aim to hold several in-person meetings, but virtual attendance is always an option. Meetings are usually scheduled for an hour taking place in the afternoon/ late afternoon depending on the members’ availability. 


Travel expenses for in person meetings are reimbursed, and we make adjustments where needed to remove barriers to participation. This can include providing support/ assistance for online participation or covering the costs of a Personal Assistant/Carer or interpreter/translator if YAB members use one, for example.  

Sculpt is an inclusive organisation and we embrace diversity because we know that bringing together people with different experiences, perspectives and backgrounds will lead to even greater results for young people. We encourage applications from young people from all backgrounds, identities and lived experiences including those who are LGBTQIA+, Black, Asian or another minority ethnicity, disabled, young carers, refugees, and from low-income backgrounds.


About the open roles

We are currently hiring for the below roles. Please read the role descriptions attached to determine which role would be a best fit for your interests and experiences. However, please do not be discouraged from applying if you have limited prior work experience or knowledge in these areas. We are most interested in finding candidates who are passionate about our work and are eager to learn.


YAB Chair

As the Chair of the Youth Advisory Board you will lead the Board by facilitating discussions, ensuring that everyone has the chance to speak and advising and collaborating with the CEO, team and board of trustees.

YAB Vice Chair

As the Vice Chair of the Youth Advisory Board you will stand in for the Chair to lead the Board, work closely with the Chair, support them in their role and ensure that the organisation pursues its objectives. 

YAB Communications and Social Media Member

As the Communications and Social Media Member you will share and develop Sculpt’s brand, work with the team to recognise communications opportunities, create and design campaign ideas and ensure that the organisation pursues its objectives. 

YAB Fundraising Member

As the Fundraising Member you will draft funding bids, contribute to seasonal campaigns, develop creative ideas for new projects, review and provide feedback on written applications and ensure that the organisation pursues its objectives. 

YAB General Member

As the Youth Advisory Board Member you will ensure that Sculpt pursues its organisational objectives, provide strategic direction to the organisation’s work and attend meetings and prepare for them in advance if needed. 


All roles will be supported by the Sculpt team and you will work in collaboration with other YAB members and the Chair. Click the links to read more.  


How to apply

We can’t wait to receive your applications and learn more about you! Please make sure to include the following:

  • A short CV (max. one A4 page)
  • A cover letter explaining your interest in the position– this is more important than having prior experience! (max. one A4 page)

Upon successful appointment, two character references will be requested as well. These do not have to be from previous employers. We want to hear from someone who knows you and can speak to your character and abilities.


The application deadline is the 31st Jan 2023, 11:59pm. 


Any questions?

If you have any questions, or need additional information or accommodations to apply, please email our team at or call our office at +44(0)7833224442. We can also arrange a Zoom meeting to further discuss the roles. 


If you’d like to speak with us in person, please attend the Queer Migrants conference on the 7th of December 2022 at Covent Garden, where our whole team will be in attendance. We look forward to hearing from you!