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Take Part in our PROCHILD Survey

By March 1, 2019February 15th, 2022News

Child abuse affects youth of all social classes and ethnicities and encompasses a variety of areas, including physical, emotional, and sexual maltreatment. Abuse can also take place in many different contexts and the relationship between the victim and perpetrator may vary. These factors make identifying and monitoring child maltreatment complex, even among trained professionals who spend extended amounts of time with children in these situations.

PROCHILD aims to address the needs within child protection services for an improved integration and cooperation among stakeholders and professionals who work in different fields that deal with cases of child abuse. Additionally, the project enables those involved to identify early signs of child maltreatment and risk factors in families.

The survey takes about ten minutes to complete. Please answer the questionnaire based on your knowledge within your field. Also, you are free to distribute the questionnaire to your colleagues and/or employees.

Here is the link to participate:

The results are reported in the project website Anonymity of respondents is ensured and results are reported without identifying individual respondents in accordance with The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.

The questionnaire is open until March 15th. For any questions or comments, please contact