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IARS is a proud member of Charities Against Hate, a campaign to generate awareness and meaningful change in the way social media platforms monitor and address hate speech and extremism.

As charities, we recognise that these platforms have a role to play in allowing us to connect with supporters and beneficiaries from all backgrounds. But we also know that not enough is being done to stop posts which incite hate and violence being made visible. No one should have to see these messages in their day to day lives, and especially not when trying to access ongoing information and support.

We’d like to hear about how online hate speech has affected you so that we can raise awareness. Your story can be as simple as a few lines about your experience. You can write it down or film it.

We’ve created some images, videos and gifs for you to use across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and stickers for Stories so that you can tell your own story and help to let others know that online hate speech is never acceptable.

We also have a guide on ways to practice telling your story, whether it’s for the first time or if you’ve already talked to other people about it. There are also tips on how to film yourself on your phone if you’d like to make a video story.

It’s always up to you how much you want to say and where you want to share your story. You can remain anonymous if you would like 

If you would prefer to send us your story to share online for you, or to add to our website, you can sent it to us at