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Our new online game about gender stereotypes in the media and arts needs young people and Youth Workers to test it and it would be great for you to get involved!

The Shanarani Youth-led project is an initiative that brings together 5 countries (the UK, Greece, Italy, Spain and Romania) to deliver a youth-led, transnational project that aims at developing, testing and implementing innovative practices to help combat gender-based discrimination, stereotyping and social exclusion.

Gender discrimination is a persistent issue, which according to many surveys is shared among European countries. We also know that discriminatory incidents due to gender results in young people withdrawing from social and educational environments.

Furthermore, it provokes psychological issues that can result to social withdrawal, reduced  academic performance and cases of early school leaving with long term effects, such as social exclusion and marginalization. Therefore, it affects young peoples’ social inclusion, and has a continuous effect throughout their lifetime. Shanarani will tackle this issue in the non-formal educational environment and will create tools and support for both young people and professionals working with young people.

Here is a link to the website which has some info on the project:

It would be wonderful if you could

There is a certificate of completion for those who send evidence of completion of the evaluation form to

Enjoy the Shanarani journey! 🙂