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Queenie took part in Igniting Futures: In Your Element. Igniting Futures offers SEND young people aged 14-18 a personalised support programme that breaks down barriers to opportunity and tackles inequality by providing them with the skills, knowledge and networks that they would otherwise be unable to access without the existing connections and social capital of their less marginalised peers. The programme runs for six weeks.

Hi my name is Queenie and I spent six weeks on work experience with Sculpt UK through the Igniting Futures: Power Up Programme. I am autistic with ADHD and my favourite colour is yellow! I love swimming, drawing and spending time with my family and i’m scared of lifts and heights (but I’m working on overcoming my fears). I am really interested in building my skills around first aid and helping people because my dream job is to be a doctor or lifeguard. It’s important to me that the work I do in the future is all about helping people!

Working with Sculpt I was able to identify my skills.

I am creative, being creative can look alot of different ways: telling stories, swimming or drawing. I think I am creative because I am good at drawing, creating in minecraft, gaming and writing!

I am good at problem-solving, this means figuring out what to do if something goes wrong or if someone needs help. I am good at this because I know what to do in difficult situations and I am good at listening.

I also think I’m good at working in a team. Teamwork means helping everyone and working in a team for example in football giving everyone a chance and working together. I am good at teamwork because I am good at letting everyone else speak and asking for help and putting people ahead of me.

Through my time at Sculpt I learnt about customer service, personal finance and how to plan and set up my own business ideas. I understand ‘expense’ and ‘income’ better.

I am really sad to be leaving this work experience programme with Sculpt. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and the staff were all so kind and helpful and everyone from my school enjoyed themselves. I really liked how calming the office was.