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The IARS International Institute formally submitted their response to the latest round of  consultation on Improving the Victims’ Code.

The Victims Strategy was published on 10 September 2018, setting out the government’s vision of a justice system that aims to support victims to speak up with certainty that they will be understood, protected and supported, whether or not they report a crime. One of the commitments in the strategy was to develop a Victims’ Code (the Code) designed to build both victim confidence and trust in the system.

IARS welcome this latest review of the Victim Code, and acknowledge that it has been redrafted in response to last year’s consultation with organisations such as ourselves. The current consultation of the revised Code is a key step that will have serious implications for those whom IARS serves. The consultation also represents an important opportunity for civil society and organisations such as IARS to engage with government efforts and work with relevant stakeholders in identifying gaps and weaknesses in the Criminal Justice System.

The IARS International Institute is a user-led NGO, which emphasises the need for users’ voices to be heard in matters that impact them directly. The consultation response has a dual purpose; to both inform the Government in their next steps in implementing the strategy, and to raise awareness of the Victim Code and the wider Victim Strategy amongst IARS users.

To read a copy of our response click here Victim_Code_Consultation_IARS May 2020 FINAL