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How internships can add value to youth employment

By March 26, 2019February 15th, 2022News

If you have ever considered studying abroad but don’t know how to go about it then Eurodesk UK provides a wide range of opportunities and internships that include detailed guidance for students that are looking for expanded knowledge about work outside their own country and outside the classroom. It also supplies young students with practical experience to what it is like to work abroad. Eurodesk UK includes a variety of opportunities for internships and the information for each one is made very clear. Every individual internship has requirements and Eurodesk UK makes these requirements plain sailing for anyone interested so that they are clear if they are eligible for the internship or not. Brilliant opportunities are included by the network, ones that you may not have been introduced to without visiting the Eurodesk UK website.

 Just one example of an upcoming internship, out of many, is the Vulcanus in Japan programme. Just by reading the information about this opportunity you already become informed about what it consists of: the requirements and what you will be supplied with, which are uncomplicated to understand. You are provided with explicit contact details of the programme in case you have further questions and when deadlines are. There should be no confusion if students would like to apply to any of these internships, because sufficient information is already provided to cater to any needs. There is a wide range of opportunities that fend for many different interests.

 The results of completing an internship are highly positive. Hands-on work experience can be achieved; this is usually not the case in a classroom environment. You can experience the duties of a job in the field you are aiming for. If you are yet to discover a career path that fits your liking then the process of an internship may help you explore a new career path, one that you could be particularly interested in. An internship helps you to stand out to employers and will make them more likely to hire you once they see the skills you have gained from these opportunities. Because you have already gained these skills you may not have to receive additional training when getting employed. Therefore, it is possible that you could receive a higher starting salary than those who did not take on the wonderful opportunity of an internship. You would be working with professionals in a particular field and so you would know what it is like to be faced with constructive criticism and feedback; this will award you with the skill of embracing mistakes and ultimately learning from them. You will be forced out of your comfort zone to ask questions in order to learn new things. Something that may grasp the interests of many students is that most internships are paid, so despite gaining valuable skills you are also getting paid. A paid internship will cover any tuition fees and expenses. Finally, in some cases a company may want to hire an intern at the end of a programme.

Overall, as a student myself I know that competition in the workforce is getting increasingly high and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from others. I believe that an internship is an amazing opportunity for students if they want to appeal to employers more than their peers. An internship is also great for those who would like to go to employment relatively quickly because there is a possibility they would get hired by the company they are working with.

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Written by our work experience student Enesa Gara