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Horace took part in our Learn2Work programme during his time at Sculpt. Learn2Work is a professional development opportunity to support young SEND people at the beginning of their careers journey, primarily those aged 16+. This 8 week programme aims to break down the barriers to opportunity through bespoke sessions on important professional and holistic topics, as well as a work placement with an external employer.

Hi my name is Horace and I spent 8 weeks on a work experience programme at Sculpt. I have ASD and social communication difficulties, but that did not stop me from accomplishing the Learn2Work programme. I love spending time with my little sister, but I hate spiders and loud noises! I also love to read Marvel/ DC superhero comics and watch the movies. While I am not certain what job I would like, I enjoy writing books and I am currently writing one right now!

Working with Sculpt I was able to identify my skills:

  • Creativity – I am a creative person and I use my imagination to write books and experiment with styles on Canva
  • Team player – I enjoyed being able to work in a group with my classmates and then present our ideas together. We worked better together!
  • Listening – I am a great listener and always show respect when I am engaging in a conversation
  • Through my time at Sculpt, I learned how to better understand and manage finance. We had a big and interesting group discussion about taxes. In addition, I learnt how to practice and improve customer service.