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IARS is organizing a  recruiting young writters for the next 99% edition on gender violence.  We are interested in broadcasting  international  voices of young people, focusing on the topics that matter to them. 

All articles that meet our editorial guidelines will be published in the youth-led magazine 99% .to be distributed in libraries, schools and youth centres across London. 

 We are specially interested in the topics below 

* Gender violence 

*Social enterprise and young people 

*Fight against violence on young children 


We want to give you as few guidelines as possible, but you should take the following into account: 

Format: Please submit your document in google docs and allow the following email to be an editor.  If you would rather not receive any feedback and submit it independently for consideration please send it as an attachment to the same email address. 

For information on abstracts click here You won’t be writing a thesis so you don’t need to specify methodology.

In terms of the length of the article, we are aware these are complex issues but the general guideline is ‘less is more’. After the first draft, we can discuss the specific length of your article. 


We are more interested in balanced reports but we also value bold, opinionated pieces that can be made easily understandable to anyone. Please add footnotes of the sources of information when you make a statement and make a clear distinction between a fact / general trend and a personal viewpoint.  We will not accept submissions containing offensive or discriminatory content or language.  IARS  as the editor reserves the right to correct spelling mistakes and minor style editions, if more substantial changes need to be done, the authors will be consulted. 

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact