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Together with the YOUWEEN project, Sculpt’s team is going to participate in a series of Green Challenges this year! We invite you to explore the first challenge: World Nature Conservation Day.

The 28th of July marks World Nature Conservation Day when the world is encouraged to pay more attention to various ways through which we can protect our planet from many consequences of climate change. The harm caused so far is numerous, and so should be our efforts to overcome it.

Observing this day aims to maximise our actions taken to protect the several natural resources that we have been enjoying and misusing at the same time, such as water, air, soil, energy, vegetation, minerals and animal life. Beside the serious issues of overexploitation of natural resources, there exist different challenges; for example, global warming, environmental pollution and deforestation. However, the focus and the theme of this year is going to be ‘Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet’. Being the dwellers of this planet, we have a moral obligation to act as the perfect guardians of the nature that surrounds us.

To start with, simple things such as using water/electricity rationally and recycling can make a difference in the long term. Thus, we invite you to participate in the Green Challenge created by members of the Young Women Green Entrepreneurs (YOUWEEN) project. This challenge is trying to raise awareness among young people in regards to the importance of nature in human life. You can take part in this Green Challenge and enjoy national prizes! Check the intructions:

First, you will email to express your interest in participating in the challenge with the UK team.

  1. Then, you will join the national team on the YOUWEEN platform:
  2. The team will create a social media carousel to show natural conservation tips.
  3. Each team member works on one page to create a 5-page carousel.
  4. After your design is done, share your carousel on social media by tagging @youweenproject with the hashtags #youween #greenchallengeslt.
  5. Your design will be published on the YOUWEEN platform and you are invited to vote for other country teams.
  6. Evaluation process will depend on the votes on the platform and likes that you take on social media.
  7. Deadline is 8th of the August.

To join the challenge, you first need to register in the YOUWEEN following this Link.

George Bernard Show once said “ Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.’’ Taking part in this Green Challenge makes you part of the change you aspire to see. Register here and let’s see you soon!