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Fundraising Consultant Brief

1. Overview

Who we are
We’re a UK-based charity providing research, training and work-experience opportunities that empower young people to shape their own futures and those of their communities.

Our purpose
To empower young people to shape their futures.

What we do
We work directly with young people, employers and professionals who support young people. All our work is guided by young people themselves and based on carefully researched evidence.

● We facilitate forums for young people to make their needs and their voices heard
● We publish a magazine by young people to express their perspectives and encourage debate around public policy issues
● We conduct research to uncover young people’s real needs and what works to empower and support them
● We deliver training to build young people’s confidence, skills, ambition, resilience and sense of responsibility, so they can shape their futures and change their communities for the better, as leaders, social entrepreneurs and active participants in civic life
● We deliver training for professionals who work with young people, drawing on our research and expertise
● We engage with employers to facilitate work experience and employment opportunities for young people to develop skills and access diverse jobs
● We facilitate international exchange opportunities to encourage and enable young people to experience and appreciate other cultures, perspectives and ways of life.

2. Fundraising Brief

The Board of Trustees have agreed that in the short-term we need to bring on a consultant to provide strategic direction and guidance on how to approach our fundraising, and provide support for our new Fundraising Manager in order to develop them in their role.

In October 2021 we recruited a new Fundraising and Partnerships Manager, whom we will train and develop to take on a more senior function lead in the future. We also have a Fundraising Intern starting with us in February 2022. This gives us the operational capacity now to develop a range of funding bids and partnership opportunities for engagement with trusts and foundations, grant making bodies and businesses, in order to develop a mixed portfolio and therefore more sustainable sources of income. However, we would like to gain some input at a strategic level and understand how best we can shape the narrative in terms of our organisational identity and how it will appeal to

The new Fundraising and Partnerships Manager is also responsible for pulling together internal resources and content from project staff that demonstrates IARS track record and impact, building the capacity of IARS through introducing good practice, processes and training, authoring compelling proposals, pitches and communication materials for grants, foundations and prospective business partners.

The Board has already driven forward work on our fundraising, communications and financial approaches, which builds on our work over the last 20 years and our values of user-driven engagement, and we have ambitious fundraising and communications strategies to deliver. In order to do this, we need to invest resources now to help us build and grow for the future. As part of this investment we are conducting a wholesale review of our identity, and have developed a new vision, set of values and Theory of Change (see Appendix I). In February 2022 we will be changing our name and visual identity. Therefore, any fundraising activity needs to both fit this new vision and influence how the new branding is delivered.

3. Deliverables

We would expect a fundraising consultant to achieve the following deliverables:

● From their knowledge of the market, provide intelligence on which funds are most suited to us and our approach, and have a higher chance of success

● Provide knowledge and insight into potential delivery partners working in a similar field

● Work with the CEO, Fundraising and Communications group, Fundraising and Partnerships Manager and project team to develop/optimise a menu of opportunities and propositions that are sufficiently appealing to new partners and that deliver IARS goals

We would expect a fundraising consultant to provide initial support to the Fundraising and Partnerships Manager to develop the following longer-term deliverables:

● Help build a fundraising pipeline for the next 6-12 months aligned to IARS priorities and capabilities

● Develop overall fundraising goals and annual targets for the next 3 years – broken down into income sources/types (foundation/trust, corporate, other services) – and price points for our offering

● Identify opportunities and means to establish long-term relationships with key stakeholders (corporate donors, foundations) and strategies to cultivate them over time

● Review and strengthen internal tools and processes to introduce a more structured approach to fundraising and build the team’s long-term capacity.

4. Reporting lines

We would expect the consultant to work closely with the Fundraising and Partnership Development Manager and the Chief Executive and to report regularly to the Fundraising & Communications Group of Trustees. The exact pattern of working and reporting will be agreed with the successful candidate.

5. Timescale

We would expect the work to take place over a three-month period initially, with the possibility of extending this further if necessary.

6. Budget

We would anticipate a maximum budget of up to £8,000. Please provide a breakdown of how you would meet the deliverables and the cost for each deliverable.

7. Tender Submissions

Please send your tender submission to IARS Chief Executive, Dr. Claire Bonham via by 5pm on Monday 28th February.

If you wish to have an information conversation before submission then please get in touch.