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We want to invite you to complete our first PROCHILD Multidisciplinary Training Course for Professionals. As a professional working in fields and services that protect and safeguard minor victims of violence, we believe it is a course you cannot afford to miss.

The e-learning course addresses difficulties surrounding child protection, detection, intervention, and child maltreatment and is available to all professionals who work with children, parents, and caregivers. During this difficult time, it is more important than ever to be ready to service the needs of those children that demand our protection.

Course Contents: 

Multidisciplinary Training Course for Professionals:

  • The project’s identity
  • Fundamental issues on child abuse and neglect
  • Principles for reporting and intervention
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Specific procedures and protocols

Additional Modules for Educational Professionals: 

  • Prevention of CAN in school settings
  • Violence against children in school settings, including peer violence bullying
  • Handling child victims of CAN in schools
  • Handling children from high risk populations for exposure to violence
  • Early identification of potential CAN victims

Upon the completion of the modules and quizzes, you will receive your course certification!



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