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C2E as a youth-led, transnational project that aims to develop, test and implement innovative practices in a much-neglected area in the field of youth support.

Responding to the priorities of the Lisbon agenda and the Europe 2020 strategy treating entrepreneurship as a key component of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, C2E targets young carers aged 18-30 with particular focus on women from lowincome families. It adopts a youth-led methodology which will construct and implement evidence-based, well-tested and replicable educational and training curricula to develop young carers’ practical, creative and entrepreneurial skills to enable
them to become confident and successful young entrepreneurs.

This eBook integrates the theoretical and practical results of the training programme for young carers and professionals from each participating country. It also includes policy recommendations and best practices for those professionals serving young people.

You can access the press release  on this link  c2e_press_release_October_2020