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Equipping Professionals to Support LGBT Refugees: A Young Person’s Review

By February 20, 2019February 15th, 2022News

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Epsilon training course: it was very intellectual, educating and pleasurable. It taught me about the LGBTQI+ community, asylum seekers, migrants and refugees. It was full of context, interactive activities and enlightening videos. It provided solutions for current situations someone may be in for example – Confusion between sexual orientation and gender identity, seeking an asylum, victims of trafficking, cultural diversity of norms and values and many more present problems in our current society.

The first module was based upon the LGBTIQ+ community. Many young people in this generation seem to struggle to differentiate the difference between gender, sex and sexual orientation. Unfortunately, in this current day and age we are not educated enough about this. Therefore, a lot of the youth feel isolated and alone and in most cases perplexed.

However, ‘Epsilon’ teaches you the differences between each, the acceptance and offers any help services that may be needed. It gave a very clear and precise definition of the different placements in the LGBTIQ+ community by providing statistics, case studies and videos incorporating personal stories. It was very inspirational and fascinating; it would be very helpful for someone who would be confused as to how to identify themselves.

The second module looks at the political and cultural acceptance of the LGBTIQ+ community and how different cultures view people who may be lesbian, gay or transgender. Sadly, many countries dehumanize people of these community, therefore this may lead to an urgent flee from their home countries; leaving everything behind. However, staying would mean their lives would be in danger of imprisonment or persecution. This section particularly looks at asylum seekers and refugees giving a very detailed analysis of it but including very heart -wrenching videos of people in search of asylum currently. It is extremely touching and was the highlight of the whole course for me.

Lastly, the third module explores more about the impact of discrimination, homophobia and racism. It looks at how to tackle these challenges as someone experiencing them or watching them happening. It contained a lot of context and it was exceedingly intriguing. Out of all the modules this was the most educating module of the whole course and portrayed a very positive message. To conclude, I would recommend the course to everyone because it gives a clear and deeper understanding of the complex topic and is very mesmerizing. As someone who is of youth it was an extremely educating program and I believe it should be practiced to school students. Moreover, at the end of the course I received a certificate claiming that I had completed the course which was a huge bonus.”

The online training is free and can be accessed by using the link below: