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Danny took part in Igniting Futures: Power Up. Igniting Futures offers marginalised young people aged 14-18 a personalised support programme that breaks down barriers to opportunity and tackles inequality by providing them with the skills, knowledge and networks that they would otherwise be unable to access without the existing connections and social capital of their less marginalised peers. The programme runs for six weeks.

My name is Danny and I spent six weeks on work experience with Sculpt UK through the Igniting Futures: Power Up Programme. I love gaming and doing different heists including the doomsday heist and diamond casino heist. I also enjoy playing fortnite and football. I want to be a great footballer.

During my work with Sculpt I have been able to identify skills I am confident in.

I am good at managing my time, being good at time management is about knowing how long ‘2 hours’ is as well as checking the time to make sure you turn up on time. I think I am good at this because I am good at checking the time.

I am good at being organised, this means not needing support in getting my together e.g. organising my own travel arrangements. I am good at this because I work very hard at increasing my independence.

I am excellent at working as part of a team. Teamwork means being helpful. I am good at teamwork because I am good at communicating.

Through my time at Sculpt I learnt about money skills, different types of businesses: selling something, making something and buying something.

I really enjoyed travelling to the office and the staff were good. Sometimes I felt tired because my routine had changed but I knew I could take breaks, drink water and take timeout when I needed to.