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IARS has been working to tackle violence and youth radicalisation for years and understand that hate speech on social media is fueling this worrying trend.

In response, IARS organised an International Conference on this topic, encourages young people to write about it on our youth magazine and has now joined forces with over 40 UK charities in #CharitiesAgainstHate campaign which aims to bring positive change to social media platforms.

Charities were expected to pause ‘as much paid advertising as possible’ and IARS responded by suspending all Facebook advertising.

‘Hate, whether it’s based on race, gender, sexuality, disability, religious beliefs or any other characteristic, is not acceptable in society. And we all have a part to play in stopping its spread. We believe it’s important that Facebook and other social media owners hear this message loud and clear from as many people, and sectors, as possible.’ To read more about this campaign, please read this article from the Guardian ‘ How hate speech campaigners found Facebook’s weak spot

The Third Sector Social Media Working Group has been created to review ethical social media and marketing practices and policies. We want to encourage other organisations to get involved, to uncover the real impact that hate speech on social media has on our beneficiaries. We want to identify common issues across the sector and come up with recommendations that would make social media a better place for charities and their audiences who rely on these platforms to connect.

Our power comes from working together adding more voices from the third sector. Learn more about this campaign today !