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Report Launch – 4 March 2020, House of Commons, London

IARS is proud to be part of the Community of Practice on Preventing Violent Extremism which brings together policy-makers, practitioners and academics to share evidence, best practices and lessons learned in the area of preventing violent extremism (PVE).

The aim is to better understand the role of cultural, educational and civil society programmes in increasing the positive options available to young people that prevent them from engaging in violent extremism, and other harmful pathways.

The findings and recommendations of the group are in this new report, launched 4 March 2020 in the UK parliament.

The findings will:

  1. inform UK government policy and strategy on preventing violent extremism
  2. help develop a stronger joint evidence base
  3. enable practitioners to access information about programmes and strategies in the region.

The information gathered in the report will also help organisations to learn from each other’s experiences, avoid programme duplication, and identify opportunities for strategic partnerships.

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