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Bobby took part in Igniting Futures: Power Up. Igniting Futures offers marginalised young people aged 14-18 a personalised support programme that breaks down barriers to opportunity and tackles inequality by providing them with the skills, knowledge and networks that they would otherwise be unable to access without the existing connections and social capital of their less marginalised peers. The programme runs for six weeks.

Hi my name is Bobby and I spent six weeks on work experience with Sculpt UK through the Igniting Futures: Power Up Programme.

During my time at Sculpt I was able to identify my strengths and skills.

I am confident, being confident means not being scared of anything and thinking of new ideas. I think I am confident because I can think of new ideas and tell people about them.

I am good at teamwork, this means teaming up and is more about listening than talking and more about understanding than telling people what to do. I am good at teamwork because I play ‘right wing’ in football and I am good at listening and understanding my teammates.

I also think I’m okay at managing my time as I often turn up on time and understand different units of time well (e.g the difference between a second, minute, hour etc). Time management is all about getting time sorted and turning up on time.

Through my time at Sculpt I learnt about customer service, personal finance and how to help people.

The best part of the work experience was doing it with my friends, we worked together and got to spend time together at the office. It’s important that work experience isn’t boring and that you can spend time with people you have things in common with.