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Today is William and Ali’s last day as volunteers at IARS. Here is what they had to say about their time with us:

As we look back on our week with the IARS we realise all the new important skills we have learnt and developed. From the first moment we stepped in we felt welcomed and a new sense of responsibility and we knew we were going to have a good time and experience with the IARS. The staff members here also were very kind and helpful throughout the whole week, and were happy to give us great feedback on the projects we’ve been working on.

From our week we have learnt how to research effectively and how to co-operate as a team to get productive outcomes. We know skills like these will benefit us in the future so we want to thank the IARS for that.

Also working within a company that has such a selfless purpose also makes us feel proud to be a part of the team, and we know we shall not forget our experience here. Being here also put our minds into perspective on the problems we face as a community and we now know what can be done to bring awareness to them and make people realise what’s really going on in the world.

The tasks that were put upon us during this week gave a level of responsibility that we’ve never experienced before, but this was no worry to us a as we always had reassurance from our fellow colleagues. We never felt under pressure and we knew that if mistakes were made we would realise how we can learn from them, which is a great skill to have in life.

In conclusion we want to thank everyone at the IARS for this opportunity and experience. The lessons we have learnt will say with us throughout our future and this shall not be forgotten.

Written by IARS volunteers William Burge and Ali Ahmed

We are truly grateful for all your hard work and contributions at IARS, and we would like to wish you both the best of luck with your studies! Thank you William & Ali