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I am a Human Service Studies and Psychology student from Elon University. I came to London the fall semester of my third year of college on my study abroad program. The main reason I chose to study in London was because of the Internship program they had. I had the opportunity to intern with IARS, which validated that choosing to intern abroad was not only the right choice, but an impactful one too.

I was extremely nervous on the first day of my internship, being in a new country and interning for the first time can be overwhelming. However, I was welcomed into IARS warmly by my supervisors Maija and Sophia and the rest of the team. Having welcoming supervisors and being at an organization that has a positive and supportive work culture makes the adjustment much easier. If I was ever concerned or had questions about a project I was working on I was answered quickly and with support. As a result, I was able to feel more comfortable in this environment which only enhanced my work and made me more eager to learn and research.

I worked on a variety of projects during my time at IARS. These ranged from creating future proof training sessions, to social media post ideas for queer migrants, to researching and compiling a list of businesses in the legal, insurance, and technology sectors that IARS could partner with in the future, to lastly researching for a future application with Youth Futures Foundation on the need for greater diversity in employment in the charity sector.

My time at IARS has allowed me to work on a range of projects which has helped me expand my knowledge on a multicultural level, thus expanding my personal and professional perspectives. Overall, I am thankful to have been welcomed by such a kind team and have had the chance to grow and enhance my skills. IARS is an incredible organization who truly makes a positive difference in the lives of many, which even for a short time I was extremely grateful to be a part of. I would like to thank my supervisors and the rest of IARS for reassuring me that choosing to intern abroad was essential for my experience in London.

By Dani Carara