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Jazz Ward

Youth Volunteer

I was so nervous not only to live abroad but also to start my first internship in a different country. From my first zoom meeting, I felt welcomed and like a valuable member of the team. My supervisors were always curious about my work interests and life outside of the office while also giving me helpful and relevant feedback on my work.

I am so grateful I was trusted enough to take lead on projects and really hone my research and policy skills. I was able to communicate my desires and was given the most interesting and relevant work to complete. Sculpt does an amazing job at personalizing your experience and finding the work that will help you succeed in your career and studies. I never felt afraid to ask questions or ask for help. I was able to make positive contributions to various projects and work with multiple projects on the different aspects of their work.

I am so grateful for my internship with Sculpt and cannot wait to follow them as they continue to make positive contributions across the UK. Working with Sculpt means making positive changes in your community and the globe. The trainings and research created by Sculpt will be used by organizations across the continent and it feels amazing to know I helped craft them. Thank you to Sculpt, Sophia and Maija for making my experience so memorable and incredible.