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The Youth Empowerment and Innovation Project (YEIP) has released new data that was collected through youth-led research, which was carried out by 74 young people in the UK, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and Romania with 400 research participants.

Over two years, the Erasmus+ funded project coordinated by the IARS International Institute under the leadership of Professor Theo Gavrielides trained local teams of young people who conducted original fieldwork in schools, youth prisons, universities, migrant centres and online. The fieldwork investigated how discrimination and extreme ideologies are linked to the violent radicalisation of the youth.  The research went beyond a specific country and looked into the radicalisation of European youth.

In order to prevent radicalisation, the young people were tasked with finding new policy intervention models on radicalisation and leading these policies. The old policies haven’t been successful and it is time to replace these old and broken ideas with fixed and new ideas which place the young people at the centre. However, even as we prepare to get rid of the old and introduce new policies, we must look preserve aspects of the old which have the potential to bring about real change in the issue of violent youth radicalisation.

The final findings of the YEIP research will be launched early next year at an international conference in London on the 29th of January. Read more about the conference here

Please see the Press Release attached below for more information about the project.