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Are profits and community impact mutually exclusive? Is our capitalist economy condemning us to an environmental emergency? Not necessarily…

Is business the answer to any of the world’s problems? Maybe…

Like many other amazing women, you can achieve the ‘triple bottom line’ and reconcile profits with positive community and environmental impact

  • Who is this webinar for?

Women ‘intrapreneurs’ interested in learning about social enterprises and impact finance or entrepreneurs considering starting a social enterprise or transforming their businesses into one.

No prior knowledge is required.

  • What will you learn?

The webinar will be divided in two sections. In the first half (6PM) you will learn about social enterprises and the second part (7PM) we will focus on impact/social finance.

Social entrepreneurship fundamentals

You will build your knowledge in key areas including legal structures, taxes, schemes to support social enterprises, certifications and debates around social impact standards, social procurement and the buy social movement.

Guest speakers include Lucy Findlay MBE (Director at Social Enterprise Mark CIC) and Andrine Allen (Named Top 100 Most Inspiring and Influential Woman in Social Enterprise). Andrine will present a case study on her company which will give you an insight into the real opportunities and challenges social enterprises face.

At the end of this section, there will be a Q&A and we will signpost you to where you can find free additional support.

Introduction to impact finance

Discover routes to social finance that you may not have heard of before. Understand the different types of funding available, including grants, debt finance and risk capital and who are the big players in the UK.

Understand the fundamentals of social return on investment (SROI).

Demystify risk capital and understand the wide range of risk finance available including crowdfunding, community shares, incubators and accelerators, angels, VCs, consortiums and syndicates.

Hear case studies from investors and get an insight into their top criteria for adding companies to their investment portfolio.

You can register here