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The problem

 Gender-based violence is a widespread problem.  While policy and literature on the issue are slowly growing, “dating violence” amongst children and teenagers remains largely under-researched and unaddressed.

One solution

Learn more about how Europe is addressing the challenge of preventing teen dating violence, the form of gender-based violence occurring among adolescents and in their first relationships;

Listen to the most prominent experts and professionals from the field;

Discover how to prevent teen dating violence from the bottom up, through children and adolescents’ participation;

During the conference, the Children First consortium will launch the Children First e-game for youth, and provide an overview of what we offer for teachers, families and institutions!

Join us on Zoom or follow the work of the conference on our social media channels on  January 28 . For more information click here


What is Children First?

Children First represents a shared effort to educate school children (aged 12-18) in order to prevent and address dating violence from an early age by undermining gender stereotypes, norms and roles that are the main causes of dating violence. Through

  • Evidence base & best practices: collected and shared in order to prevent and tackle dating violence amongst young people.
  • Training programme: For school teachers and educators, in order to show, online and offline, how to prevent and contrast gender-based violence in school.
  • Online educational game: For children and young people in order to challenge gender stereotypes and norms leading to violence.
  • Informal network of education institutions, human rights organizations, teachers, educators, parents, children and young people for sharing findings and results.
  • Awareness-raising campaign: to support gender equality and inclusion among children and young people.