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When is This Conference

Wed, 7 December 2022, 10:00 – 16:00 GMT

Neal Street Espresso 34 Neal Street London WC2H 9PS

About This Event

This conference will be showcasing the Queer Migrant project’s achievements and launching a free capacity-building programme. The Queer Migrants project responds to specific educational needs currently present in Europe, which relate to the increase in the movement of people and the discrimination that many LGBTQIA+ people face. This project addresses the issue by building the capacity of professionals who work in the employment and social sectors to better support and fulfil the needs of LGBTQIA+ migrants.

Who is This Conference For

The conference is for educators, students, professionals working in services related to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers or anyone interested in the topic.

What Will You Learn

  • Information on the complex issues encountered by LGBTQIA+ migrants
  • Education on the detrimental effect that xenophobic and homo-transphobic discrimination have not only on the LGBTQIA+ migrants, but also on the community as a whole
  • Knowledge on appropriate educational tools and resources to be able to identify and prevent discrimination and provide support to LGBTQIA+ migrants

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QM Conference Programme