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About Us

Sculpt is a UK-based charity with over 20 years’ experience of working with young people aged 14-25 empowering them to shape their futures. Sculpt works with disadvantaged youth in the transition to adulthood, equipping them with life-skills, knowledge and practical work experience to support them to shape their futures. We work directly with young people and professionals/employers to break down barriers to opportunity.

Group of Sculpt young people working around table

Our Purpose

To support young people to shape their futures.

Group of young people smiling

Our Focus

We work directly with young people, employers and professionals who support young people. All our work is guided by young people themselves and based on carefully researched evidence.

We provide and support with:

  • Employment and Work-Readiness– We support young people on their journey to employment, facilitating employer encounters and delivering professional and personal skills training
  • Leadership training– We train and mentor young people into becoming strong and self-reliant individuals, preparing them to become the new generation of community/business leaders
  • Youth Voice – We empower young people to find and use their voice, stimulating social action and making change in their communities.
  • Professional training and learning courses – Sculpt delivers CPD accredited training to professionals who support young people (e.g. on youth identity, healthy relationships, tackling stereotypes, and youth engagement)

How we work

We tackle disempowerment from three angles: working directly with young people to build confidence and skills and their voice, working with professionals who support young people, and working with employers to break down barriers to opportunity.

Our work is guided by young people themselves and by evidence-based research. We are led in our approach by our independent Youth Advisory Board (YAB) made up of six young people from diverse backgrounds, locations and communities. Meeting with our senior management team monthly, the YAB input into the strategic direction of the organisation, offering pre-decision scrutiny and review of our organisational plan, strategy, communication materials, programmes and suggesting future areas of focus. We have a member of the YAB attend all Board meetings through a rotating seat.

Group of young people working together in park

We work with a range of inspiring partners to empower young people to shape their future.

And are supported by some incredible funders.